The Super Bowl is over, but check out a list of funny links you may have missed out on.

choose your team

(702) 749-4943

(702) 472-8360

choose your level

Pro Bowler

You live for the Big Game. You really like drinking beer and can out-shotgun at least half of your college roommates.

Text 'one' to be a Pro Bowler


You like watching football. You like drinking beer and can pretty much remember how to shotgun one... but you'd rather not.

Text 'two' to be a Rookie

Bench Warmer

You weigh less than 135 lbs. You prefer wine spritzers but are willing to sip on a [cold] beer or two to appease your friends who actually want to have fun today.

Text 'three' to be a Bench Warmer

get in the game

You've picked your team and your expected level of intoxication (aka your fun level), and it's time to let the games begin!

Just text the number of your desired level - one, two, or three - to your team's phone number, and we'll send you drinking instructions throughout the game based on real-time team stats (touchdowns, big plays, etc.) as they happen.

Yes. This is going to be fun.

For all you visual learners out there, it should look something like this:

* Safe word: if your team is doing terribly and you find yourself shotgunning more beers than you can take, text 'STOP' at any time to stop receiving drinking instructions

* We promise not to give your numbers away or text you after the game

* Drink responsibly